Weld A Nut To A Curved Surface In SolidWorks

There are certain circumstances where you may need to weld a nut to a component in your designs. This can pose certain challenges if you’re required to model this in SolidWorks, but as with most things, there’s always a way to get it done. This SolidWorks tutorial explains how to weld a nut to a cylindrical surface, like in the example below. This technique will also work on flat and other curved surfaces too. In this example I’m going to use a nut from the […]

Custom Hole Sizes In SolidWorks

The SolidWorks hole wizard is a useful tool. It comes ready-to-use with a range of pre-defined hole sizes from a wide range of standards. You also have the facility to add your own custom hole sizes should the need arise. This tutorial describes the necessary steps on how to create custom hole sizes in SolidWorks when using the hole wizard. I have created a simple cylinder part in SolidWorks. I would like to be able to run an ISO standard M4x0.5 tapped hole through the […]

Certified SolidWorks Expert

Just a quick note to say that I’m now a Certified SolidWorks Expert (CSWE). In the words of SolidWorks, this means..: A Certified SolidWorks Expert is someone who easily demonstrates the ability to utilize advanced functions and features to solve complex modeling challenges. A CSWE will be well rounded in their knowledge of all areas of the SolidWorks software. A CSWE is able to solve practically any modeling problem given to them, and is traditionally the go-to SolidWorks user among their colleagues. This is on top of […]

Showing Decals In SolidWorks Drawings

I discussed combining different display states to allow components to display their transparency in a previous article a couple of weeks ago. This briefly touched on today’s topic – showing decals in SolidWorks drawings. There are several ways to achieve this, they all have their merits so it’s up to you to decide which technique to use. The first method would be to set the drawing or drawing view(s) to a shaded display state. It would show up complete with decals like so: Another method […]

Like Gate Your Facebook Page Tab

So, the scenario is you have a Facebook page and on that page you have a tab showing some content such as a special offer or some other information; however you would only like to share that content with people who actually ‘Like’ your page – How do you do that? The answer is to use something I call a ‘Like Gate’. A Like Gate is a script which utilises Facebook’s PHP and Javascript SDKs to determine whether a user ‘Likes’ your Facebook page and […]

Combine Display States In SolidWorks

SolidWorks has the power to display your models, assemblies and drawings in a number of different ways (or display states in SolidWorks speak). Each display state has it’s own application, for example a shaded view is great for 3D modelling because you can see the surfaces of the part your building where as a view with hidden lines removed is great for a drawing because it de-clutters displaying only the most important information. However, there are certain circumstances where you may wish to combine two different display […]

My 2012 In Photos

This year I mostly… Learned something new about shops: Had a good view of Birmingham from my bedroom window/wall: Got some Nextweb stickers: Bought my bazilionth pair of Nikes: Bought an Olly Moss print: Had some spare blood so exchanged it for some squash and a Club bar: Made an animal out of desktop sundries: Had a (few) free coffees: Made unusual clocks: Played in the snow: Received a gift from the dog: Saw an electric car: Saved some money at Tesco: Designed and made […]

London 2012, The Paralympics

Another photo-blog! I visited the athletics stadium to watch the Paralympics on Sunday night, to say the least I was totally blown away! Being a Games Maker with the right accreditation I decided to try to find the best seat possible to ‘fill’. (One of the perks of being a Games Maker is you can usually sit in an empty seat in the venue you’re working in providing you get out of the way of any paying customers if they arrive). I was really keen […]

Chelsea Autolegends 2012

Yesterday I took a trip to The Royal Hospital Chelsea for the annual car show, Chelsea Autolegends. I arrived at 8am with my friend in his Vauxall VXR8 and my other friend in convoy in his Porsche 911. We took a look around before the public arrived, but the real highlight of the day was the supercar parade. I managed to snag a decent spot right at the gate to take some photos of the cars as they drove in. All the photos I took […]

Trip to the Outer Hebrides

Having recently gained my IMC rating I decided it was time to embark on a longer trip now that I’m not so restricted by by weather conditions. The destination was Stornaway routing via the Isle of Man and Machrihanish; this route covered extensive amounts of open water but the advantage was we could cruise at a higher altitude because we were clear of the restricted airspace over the large airports on the mainland, plus we got a fantastic view of the Outer Hebrides on the […]