The Mysterious Tiles Of Duke Street

I live in a former Victorian shoe factory and shortly after moving in, I noticed some unusual graffiti appear on the wall outside; someone had stuck a hand painted tile depicting a shoe on the wall. I thought this was quit fun and rather apt because of the buildings history: You’ll notice in that photo that another, more unusual tile is above the shoe. This appeared at a later date and I haven’t seen any others like this yet. I say others, because they seem […]

My First Foray Into Crowdfunding

A few years ago I designed and built a clock which I named ‘The Wordclock‘. I showed it to my friends and family and got a widely positive reaction, so I thought to myself  “you should start a business building these things”… Unfortunately it wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be, various parts of the product like the PCB and front fascia were quite pricey to manufacture. I was a student at the time and didn’t really have a lot of cash lying […]

A CSS Only Title Strikethrough

Strikethrough style titles seem to be a popular design choice at the moment. I wanted to figure out a way to get this effect working using only one set of HTML tags and a bit of CSS; my previous attempts saw me resorting to wrapping the text in a span tag to blank out the background. I thought this was a bit of a poor show, so here’s my latest attempt… The HTML is super simple, it’s just a H1 tag. This could be applied […]

A Family Holiday to Switzerland, 1964

Recently we had some 16mm films converted to DVD, one of my favourites is this film of my father and uncle’s summer holiday, with my grandparents, in Switzerland. It was filmed in 1964 by my grandfather using a Bolex 16mm camera with clockwork drive, offset viewfinder and parallax correction. I’ve been told it was cut and edited together at home, however the film had to be sent away to a lab to have the soundtrack added. I thought I’d share it with the world as I […]

Updated Portfolio

I’ve been itching to tell the world about these projects for ages now but unfortunately I was bound by non disclosure agreements not to say a peep. However after a quick check earlier, I found out that I now had permission to share some of the projects I’ve worked on over the past few years: ABBA 40 Timeline This was a development project carried out in conjunction with Paris Panda. I developed their design and user journey into a working web-app using the Laravel PHP […]

Weld A Nut To A Curved Surface In SolidWorks

There are certain circumstances where you may need to weld a nut to a component in your designs. This can pose certain challenges if you’re required to model this in SolidWorks, but as with most things, there’s always a way to get it done. This SolidWorks tutorial explains how to weld a nut to a cylindrical surface, like in the example below. This technique will also work on flat and other curved surfaces too. In this example I’m going to use a nut from the […]

Custom Hole Sizes In SolidWorks

The SolidWorks hole wizard is a useful tool. It comes ready-to-use with a range of pre-defined hole sizes from a wide range of standards. You also have the facility to add your own custom hole sizes should the need arise. This tutorial describes the necessary steps on how to create custom hole sizes in SolidWorks when using the hole wizard. I have created a simple cylinder part in SolidWorks. I would like to be able to run an ISO standard M4x0.5 tapped hole through the […]

Certified SolidWorks Expert

Just a quick note to say that I’m now a Certified SolidWorks Expert (CSWE). In the words of SolidWorks, this means..: A Certified SolidWorks Expert is someone who easily demonstrates the ability to utilize advanced functions and features to solve complex modeling challenges. A CSWE will be well rounded in their knowledge of all areas of the SolidWorks software. A CSWE is able to solve practically any modeling problem given to them, and is traditionally the go-to SolidWorks user among their colleagues. This is on top of […]

Showing Decals In SolidWorks Drawings

I discussed combining different display states to allow components to display their transparency in a previous article a couple of weeks ago. This briefly touched on today’s topic – showing decals in SolidWorks drawings. There are several ways to achieve this, they all have their merits so it’s up to you to decide which technique to use. The first method would be to set the drawing or drawing view(s) to a shaded display state. It would show up complete with decals like so: Another method […]

Like Gate Your Facebook Page Tab

So, the scenario is you have a Facebook page and on that page you have a tab showing some content such as a special offer or some other information; however you would only like to share that content with people who actually ‘Like’ your page – How do you do that? The answer is to use something I call a ‘Like Gate’. A Like Gate is a script which utilises Facebook’s PHP and Javascript SDKs to determine whether a user ‘Likes’ your Facebook page and […]