Hi! My name is Ed and I’m a software engineer based in the UK - pleased to meet you. I started coding when I was about 14 in computer science class at school, back then it was QBasic and flat file databases. It was around that time when I first discovered Microsoft FrontPage, which I used to build (terrible) websites for my Geocities account. After that I was hooked on web development, building websites for my friend’s bands and learning PHP in the process.

A lot’s happened since then - I’ve done a lot of freelance work building websites for some big names, I learned C# & ASP.Net and found out the value of a good framework. This led me to finding Laravel which is now my framework of choice for PHP development. I’ve gained a lot of interest in front end development which led me towards learning more about JavaScript and in particular, React. I’ve even started native app development for iOS and Android using Objective-C, Java and React Native.

Other Stuff

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